Frequently asked questions


How can I book an appointment to get my device fixed?

You may just walk in store and bring your device and ask our technicians to get your device fixed in shortest time. We do repair your device as soon as we can. Or just go the "Instant Quote" page and find your device's problem then book your time and date whenever is free.

Can I change my booking or bring my devices with no appointment?

Certainly. Any time contact or email us to make an appointment or change your booking time.

How long does my repair take?

It depends on device model and it is different for every devices. Please give us a call for a counsultation to get an exact time period. i.e. Replacing iPhone screens takes about 20 minutes. Replacing Samsung screens takes about an hour.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Generally no, however it is best to give us a call to make sure we have the correct model, colour parts in stock for your device to save your time and energy. We keep a large range of parts in store at all time, however if you have a more obscure model or brand we may need to order the parts, which usually takes 1-2 business days.

Do I have to back up my personal data befor bring my devices for repair?

As all informations saved on the sensitive chip motherboard, it is hard to say that we provide 100% guarantee on your personal data. So there is no guarantee to save personal data during repair. We suggest you back up everything on iClould (Apple devices) or google storage (Android Devices) or copy your personal data on computer befor bring your device for repair. We can say for replace parts like screen, charge port, battery you don't have to do back up. But for water damage or smashed phones there is NO guarantee to save data.


What kind of warranty do I get with my repair?

There is 6 months limited warranty on the replacment parts ONLY if the part stops working. After testing the part and find the problem, we can replace the fualty part for free. Remember that you MUST have your repair invoice with you when you return your device for warranty.

What happes if I take my repaired device to another shops or touched by someone else?

There is 6 months limited warranty on replacment parts and all our parts come with our warranty sticker. Your warranty will void if our sticker get removed or breaks by someone else. We recommend to bring back your device to our store if you have any concern about the repair.

Can I have a refund if i change my mind?

For any purchase in shop or online, we will refund as long as the original pakage is not opened, or damaged and not used at all. If the item is fualty, we exchange the item to a new one. However if there is no more of that particular item in stock, we will give you store credit to be used within our store.