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Founded and operating right here in Australia, we are proudly Brisbane custom PC retailer and wholesaler. With an industry leading customization platform offering an unrivaled level of combustibility, ease of use and freedom of choice, try our online custom PC builder today to find out why more Brisbane Gamers businesses, homes and educators choose Mobile Pro Fix PCs over any other. For those of those who aren’t comfortable customizing the entire system we also have our Signature pre-configured rate. Pre-configured by experts to be the best value for money, you can't go wrong, even if you don't know anything about computers!


From basic work to machine learning, audio production, video editing & everything in between, our custom workstations come packed pull of the latest multi-threaded CPUs, high-speed memory & Quadro GPUs.


Whether you are looking for the ultimate gaming PC to play all the latest and great games on max settings, or just something basic to get you by in that one game that's your favorite, these are the machines for you.


Get exactly what you need with a custom system tailored to your needs! The perfect balance of performance/price with top-shelf quality and reliability. Perfect for any home or general office application.

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