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 The customer base for the mobile phone industry has risen in an extraordinary way. People are not able to live without their phones any longer and mobile phones have become one of the most crucial things in a person’s life. Walking down the road, you would come across a majority of the population busy on their phones. There are lots of phone users who are not tech-savvy and require help even for the smallest of problems. And so many other reasons that make mobile repairing a popular career. Have you made your decision yet? If yes, we can help you to start your mobile repair career and we will teach you how to repair broken devices in the shortest time for a reasonable fee.


 Why you need to take one of these courses: 

 Courses teach you the Motherboards, Small Parts & Components from A to Z. All courses are run by a professional Electronic Technician with over 26 years of experience. You can complete the courses in a short time and enjoy your new experiences. Your inquiries will be answered instantly with a full explanation. It is a simple and easy-to-understand explanation with real examples.

Each course is fully practical and will be taught in person in our repair shop. 

Mobile Pro Fix offers 3 different simple ways to start your new career: 

·     Beginner: Parts Replacement more info

·     Intermediate: Components & Diagnose Problems  more info

·     Professional: Micro Soldering, Replace BGA Chips, and SMD Components more info

Note: Every course is going for 3 weeks or 18 hours

Our offer: When you pass the exam in all courses, we do guarantee a full-time position job in repair stores in Brisbane. 

Our Gift: Pack of starting Tools and equipment guide.

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