Motherboard Repair

We are proficient with our repairs and can replace any part on any device. We replace anything as easy as, screens, charge ports, batteries, cameras etc… and anything as complex as, IC Chips and Soldering. 95% of any part replacement can be done within one hour.

Liquid Damage

We fix devices that are liquid damaged through a cleaning and re-flow process. The quicker you bring your phone into us, the better your changes are at saving your important data/phone. A lot of the time when a phone has been water damaged the battery causes part of the problem as it is the source of the power in phones. When a water damage repair is done through us, we will repair your battery for free if needed.

Data Recovery

Sometimes the unfortunate event happens where your mobile phone gets physically damaged or goes for an unexpected swim and you haven't yet made the time to back up the treasured content on it. Don’t worry! We recover data off physically damaged and water damaged phones. If we don’t recover your data, you don’t pay!

Network Unlocking

Most phones are locked to a carrier which means that you may not be getting the best deal on your device when it comes to monthly bills, or can incur costly charges when using your phone abroad. Luckily the skilled techs at

Mobile Pro Fix are here and eager to liberate your phone with the best phone unlocking service in Brisbane, Australia.